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Towing service in Canada


  • Hi, my name is Steven Jones. My car’s battery died in the middle of 123 Ross Road and needs a jump-start.
    • 嗨,我的名字是 Steven Jones。 我的汽⾞電池在羅斯路 123 號中間突然沒電了,並需要汽⾞助推起動。
  • I got a flat tire while driving and am parked in the middle of 123 Abby Road, where I have my hazard lights on; please send someone to help me with tire changes!
    • 不幸地,我開⾞時輪胎爆胎了,我把⾞停在 123 Abby Road 的中間,並且已經把⾞⼦的⽅向燈亮起,請派⼈幫我更換輪胎!
  • My tank seems to be empty, and the car just stopped in the middle of 123 Acorn Street. May I have a fuel delivery?
    • 我的⾞⼦好像已經沒有汽油了,並且停泊在 123 Acorn Street 中間,可以麻煩你把汽油送過來嗎
  • I could not get inside my car as I locked my door with my keys inside.
    • 我的⾞⼦停在 147 Mill Street 的 Tim Hortons 外⾯。但我無法進入我的⾞內,因為我⽤鑰匙留在⾞裡。
  • I parked in front of the Walmart at 123 Robin Road. My car will not start up as my alternator has stopped working.
    • 我的⾞⼦正停在 123 Robin Road,Walmart 的前⾯。但我的⾞⼦無法啟動,因為⾞⼦內的發電機無法運作。
  • My car stalled on the brow of a steep hill near no.3 Road.
    • 我的⾞在 3 號公路的⼭頂坡處拋錨了。

  • I tried starting up my car and it looks like my car needs a new oil change, as it will not start up properly.
    • 我嘗試啟動我的⾞⼦,看起來我的⾞⼦需要更換新的機油,因為它已經無法正常啟動。
  • I need a tow truck to come to get my car. The car engine is not running, and I need to go to the auto shop for a check-up.
    • 我需要⼀輛拖⾞把我的⾞⼦帶走,因為我的引擎無法正常運作,並需要送到汽⾞維修店作檢查。
  • We will be towing your car to ABC auto shop as per your request; please take all emergency items from your car and take pictures of your vehicle in case damage occurs during the towing process.
    • 我們將根據您的要求將您的汽⾞拖到 ABC 汽⾞店,請從你的⾞上取出所有緊急物品,並為你的⾞輛拍照,以防在拖⾞過程中發⽣損壞。
  • My car has broken down in the middle of 123 Ross Road. I have my hazard lights on and am parked near a Tim Hortons and Walmart. I drive a 2021 blue 4 doors Toyota and am with one other passenger, who is my wife. My car broke down on our way home from work because the battery died. Luckily, no one was hurt, and there were no accidents. We need assistance and would like a tow truck to come and get our car, as we cannot start it back up again. You can reach my phone number at 778-123-4567. Thank you.
    • 我的⾞在羅斯路 123 號中間拋錨了。 我已經把⾞⼦的⽅向燈亮起,並停在 Tim Hortons 和 Walmart 附近。 我開著⼀輛 2021年的 4 ⾨藍⾊豐⽥,和另⼀位乘客我的妻⼦在⼀起。 我的⾞⼦在下班回家的路上拋錨了,因為電池沒電了。 幸運的是,沒有⼈受傷,也沒有發⽣事故。 我們需要幫助,並希望有⼀輛拖⾞來取我們的⾞,因為我們無法再次啟動它。 如果需要,您可以撥打我的電話號碼 778- 123-4567,謝謝你。

在你向 road assistant 描述你的位置時,除了道路名稱以及附近店舖外,亦可以⽤以下詞彙去更詳盡地講述⾃⼰所在位置:

  • corner 街⾓
  • block 街區
  • overpass/flyover ⾼架橋
  • underpass/tunnel 隧道
  • intersection ⼗字路⼝
  • shoulder 路肩
  • toll booth 收費亭
  • highway/freeway 公路
  • roundabout/circle 圓環
  • traffic light 紅綠燈



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